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Bigpage is the undisputed leader in legal technology with over 150 5-star reviews on Google.

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1000 legal professionals trust Bigpage to help & manage their law firm.

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20+ bar associations approve Bigpage to their members, and  has been adopted by more than 41 law schools.

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Our free training resources and 24/7 Customer Support will get you up and running quickly, so you can succeed in this new era of legal.

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Manage cases, clients, documents, e-signatures, bills, calendars, time recording, reporting, and accounting, all from one platform.

Manage Your Cases

The Case Management System made managing information easier and faster. Add information, updates and documents.

Arrange All Dates

Arrange all your Hearing days with automated reminders. Plan your work and teamwork in an informed manner.

Manage Work List

Manage all your to-do list with a single click; create tasks that automatically sync to the calendar; get notifications and reminders.

Sync All Dates

The software will automatically pick up the next hearing date and record it; sync it with courts; send you notification via email or sms.

Trusted by 15,000 legal professionals


Bigpage is an awesome case management and billing tool which, as a niche IP practice, saves us a ton of time. The interface is clear and attractive, the reporting functionality is great.


I chose Bigpage primarily because it’s in the cloud and therefore accessible from anywhere and secure. I also particularly liked the look of the interface, it’s fresh and modern


Particularly  I liked the look of the interface, it’s fresh and modern design.  The interface is clear and attractive, the reporting functionality is great.

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What is legal practice management software?

Law practice management software is a complete firm management software allowing firms to manage cases, contacts, calendars, documents, time entries, billing, payments, accounting, and more. A legal practice management software is designed to suit the unique needs of legal practice.

What is the best legal practice management software for my law firm?

With so many legal practice management software to choose from, you’d want to make sure you choose the one that works best for your law firm—one that decreases overhead costs, enhances productivity, and ultimately increases billable hours and profitability.

Why should I choose cloud-based legal practice management software?

Cloud-based legal practice management software is accessed through a web browser and preferable over on-premise solutions, which represent the more traditional software model.The software runs on each individual’s computer, and all information is stored on that same computer.

What features should law practice management software have?

As busy legal professionals, you need to make sure your law practice management software has all the features you need to run your practice effectively and efficiently. The core features you need are: Case, document, contact, and task management, billing, accounting, calendaring, online payments, and time and expense tracking.

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