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Convert online users into real customers with the Bigpage Paid Search solution. 

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We’ve helped brands create effective PPC marketing campaigns since the days of AdWords. Have all the support you need to start your Paid Search strategy with cross-channel funnels, bidding automation setup and more to achieve your business goals through:



  • Strategically analyse Search through the entire funnel, engaging users and capitalising on demand generated from broadcast channels 
  • Utilise our audience-centric approach to media planning and match relevant messaging with user intent  
  • Deliver the most relevant and effective campaigns with our plans  across platforms, geos, devices, time of day, and audiences


  • Integrate Paid Search into your multi-touch, cross-channel customer journey to drive campaign performance
  • Maximise your media effectiveness with bidding automation and advanced attribution
  • Utilise our sophisticated tech and tools to provide greater insights for planning and reporting


  • Continually optimise using the right balance of tools and talent to drive results
  • Set learning agendas to cultivate and utilise the knowledge generated with every click and penny spent
  • Constantly monitoring competitors with instant notifications of changes and trends that can inform your wider  marketing decisions

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Find your customers through the most advanced targeting techniques in the world.


With two billion people now on Facebook, there is pretty much a guarantee that your audience is on there


Facebook and Instagram deliver some of the highest ROI out of all the available marketing channels.

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