Written by Prof. Mikel Volkman II


Testimonials and product reviews can be one of the greatest sales tools for any company. In a recent survey, it is seen that most consumers look at product reviews before making any purchase and like to buy from a site that has product ratings and reviews.

In this post, we’re going to talk about social proof and focus on the ways to get product reviews on your website with 7 excellent tips and tools you can put into action right now.

What is Social Proof ?

Social proof is a common human desire that includes things like reviews and testimonials, celebrity endorsements, and influencer marketing, among others.

Social proof helps ease the minds of consumers and convinces them that purchasing your product will solve their problems.

Why Is It Important For Companies ?

Social Proof or reviews are the most trusted way for customers before purchasing any product or service. Reviews work as the best conversation boost ups for new users. Also, reviews vary, like ‘Trusted Buyers’, ‘Certified Buyers’, etc. help to promote the product in a trustable way. Here are some simple and useful tips to improve their customer reviews as well as marketing:

Make a Good Financial Plan:

Every small business usually has the same key expenses, which include employee salaries, office rent, and utility bills. Further expenses range from industry to industry. Owners need to focus on these matters very well; they can talk with investors or do some outbound projects to maintain the balance. Try to cut unnecessary costs which can be harmful for the company.

Make Review Process Easier:

Easy options make customers interested in leaving a review as they have to spend less time on it. Like sending an email with star giving options or an SMS having the link direct to the link can save both the time and energy of customers.

Display Reviews In the Website:

Getting positive reviews for any service or product is very essential for a company and if the company gets it then it must be shown in front of the website. It will create a positive impact on other viewers and new users.

Send Follow-Up Emails:

Follow-Up emails from a company is a sign of professionalism and proof that the company values the feedback.

Ask Some Open-End Questions:

Without asking direct reviews, ask customers some open-end questions including their experience in service, any difficulties they faced, or if their problems are solved.

Take Feedbacks Seriously:

Feedbacks or reviews can be both positive and negative; need to take both of them positively. Positive reviews can attract more customers the same as negative reviews will help to improve the service qualities and lackings.

Add IDs With Reviews:

Positive customers like to be on the front of the website; so try to collect their names and pictures and add them in the testimonials.

Post On Social Media:

Easily access to social media of the company will help customers to make a review and companies must post reviews on their social media pages. It will attract more views and help to become the company their next choice.

End Note:

Online reviews matter to us, and they matter to our customers. Nobody wants to spend money or precious time on something that’s going to result in a terrible experience. So, be productive while providing service and getting reviews.

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