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Biswajit Guha

Biswajit Guha

If you have a plan to hire web designers from India for your next website design project, then you are in the right place! But, first of all, one thing you need to know, who is this written for? 


This blog is for anybody, like an owner of a company, non-profit organisation, or marketing manager. That could truly be anything from the owner of the chief marketing officer, strategist or simply the owner of an organisation for profit or non-profit who wants to spread his business/service globally. 


It couldn’t be a difficult task to choose a website design company in India, especially when your business is operating from overseas. For example, you are an owner of a non-profit organisation and want to spread your work globally so that like-minded people come to know about your work, come ahead and join hands, and for that matter, you need donations, awareness and maximum number of reach.   

Needless to mention, you need a website built by a veteran website design company that has already built hundreds of websites for profit and non-profit organisations and knows the functionality it requires. In short, this post is for you, especially, it will help you know the money wasting mistakes, and at the same time how to and what to avoid before you hire a website design company from India.

Table of content

  1. Website Design Service Essentials
  2. Mistakes of Website Design Process
  3. Scams That Happen in Web Design
  4. Paying Too Little
  5. Paying Too Much
  6. Hiring A Website Designer To As Your Website Creator
  7. Not Getting A CMS
  8. Not Doing Due Diligence
  9. They Don’t Follow What They Proclaim

Website Design Service Essentials

There are many essentials of website design service. Here are the key features you should adopt for your organization’s website design process. 

  • The client satisfaction ration. It is essential to know because a startup non-profit may have a few partners who are helping it, but the quality of work is seen when customers give ratings and reviews. 
  • Ensure to shortlist website designers in India after viewing their plans. The website design package they offer, and if it offers a wide range of facilities. So choose the plan as per your need. 

Understand your users. Before you can build a website or hire a website designer from India you need to know who you are building the website for. Keep a sharp eye on the well-organised navigation, homepage, responsive design, accessibility, search engine optimization, user analytics, and engaging images.

Mistakes of Website Design Process

There are various misconceptions and most of the clients misunderstood custom and business website design. For example, an owner of an NGO does not understand why he needs a website, why a non-profit website is different from other websites, until and unless he talks to an experienced NGO website design company.

As a result, when they are dissatisfied with what they expected, they blame the hired agency. Thus, mistakes of website design you must avoid are:

  • Not giving preference to website colour psychology is the biggest mistake.
  • It goes without saying colour psychology in website designing is a crucial part and each colour represents some meaning. 
  • Not preferring research. If you believe that website designing is a cake-walk, then you have done a blunder. Additionally, a social welfare website has differentiated design and style that requires sound research, creativity and brainstorming that only a veteran NGO website designer understands better.

Taking UI too seriously! You may have taken it as contradictory, but website designing for non-profit organisations or any other are not subject for seeking inspiration. Thus, to stand out, you may have to avoid some glitches and make your identity in such a way that you can easily spread your voice and awareness into the masses.

Scams That Happen in Web Design

When some website design agency in India offers you quality services at industry standard rates it means the agencies must have some visions and aims at providing value to their clients.

Moreover, the same doesn’t go with all website design companies in India. Many web designers are involved in scams and frauds. Identify these companies’ website design ideas, and let’s look at them:

If you hire a dedicated website designer or a freelancer from Upwork or Fiverr, without cross checking his/her portfolio, reviews and client ratings, he/he might end up running away with your project. 

Furthermore, you would think that the designer charges less but there might be possibilities he –

  • Give you a free theme, scrap content and plagiarised logo design!
  • Drive your images from free stock photo platforms! 

    Your hired creative website design company may not be creative as they claim. So your invested money would be totally wasted, if you don’t get an original website.

    Such practices will adversely affect your name and identity.

    Paying Too Little

    Rather than thinking – I have enough to build a website, or I will build a Square space website for my NGO, so I will win; you should consult with the best website design company first. Opportunity and cost are two most important things. You might think you can do one of many different things, including getting a website you like because you have money to invest in it, but consulting with a website designer overseas helps you a lot, before you start.  

    And, that’s truly the way you should think about the opportunity and cost. You may follow the cheap route, but a cheap route does not always bring good results. An experienced web designer can’t give you a website at a cheap price. Actually, it costs something. He builds a website at his best when you provide him sufficient to do it.

    Most people are not professionals, like most website design companies are not experienced enough to build bespoke websites that convert. An experienced web designer India understands user personas or how to build a website that brings traffic, or any of those things. And so, not only you are using money, time and energy to build the website but also a designer does the same for you.

    Paying Too Much

    This is the exact opposite of mistake No.1 that is “Paying too little”. Let us tell you a dirty secret when it comes to web design. The majority of people think, Oh, I’m gonna hire a professional website design company because I want to have a “real website”. As opposed to a website built in WordPress or something else. And what most people do not understand is that all websites are made from the same stuff, but the functionalities, aesthetic and navigation could be different, and that totally depends on one’s target market.

    On the front-end it is all about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript etc.

    If you go to some big websites, like Apple, Facebook, Amazon, to name a few, any website on the web, and you look at the source code, it’s just built like, CSS, HTML, JavaScript and more. The HTML gives it proper structure, the CSS gives it proper design, and the JavaScript gives it proper animation, and that’s it, which actually focuses on the visual elements of your website.

    If you look at a $30 template site, you will get to see it is made of the same stuff in the source code as big websites, like Apple, Amazon or Facebook.

    Say, for example, when you work with an experienced web design company in India, it is not like that you are paying for something different. You are actually paying for a higher quality work of the same thing. The best website design company that knows how to code better, understands the glitches, and designs better, and really, that’s what you are investing for.

    Hiring A Website Designer To As Your Website Creator

    So, what do we mean by that? That sounds kinky. So, when we say a designer, we mean somebody who is an artist or somebody who mainly focuses on graphic parts. Actually, most of the designers only focus on the aesthetics parts of the website. And so, let us tell you, the primary purpose of building a website.

    • If it looks beautiful
    • If it improves user experience

    If you are running a non-profit organisation, the purpose of building a website is to get donations, so that you can continue your social work. And the best thing you should judge on a great NGO website is, if it converts more donations. Otherwise, what’s the point of building it?

    Unfortunately, most website designers don’t understand it.

    The way an experienced website design company in India approaches it is design plus marketing. What they do when working with your website is that they identify the following things –

    • Who are the different types of visitors coming to the site?
    • What are they actually looking for?
    • What’s the next step that your users want to take?

    Defining the variables given above is the process for converting leads into prospects, and that’s marketing. Needless to say, best website design companies do design and marketing at the same time.

    Not Getting A CMS

    Assuming it, you are building a website for your non-profit for the first time. Let’s discuss CMS. So, what is a CMS? CMS stands for Content Management System. It is powerful software to manage as well as update a website. Two most powerful CMS are – WordPress and SquareSpace, though there are hundreds of CMSs out there. The one thing is to remember is not all CMSs are the same, even within WordPress. 

    Your website UI is not the ultimate thing. You need to know certain things about your website’s backend. A reliable website design company can arrange training for you either offline or online, so that you can understand the backend. When they deliver your website, you don’t need to contact them again for a little update or change. You can do it on your own.


    One thing we would suggest you to check under the hood of the company that you are actually looking at. By that you can ask them if they can show you the backend of a website to see how easy it is for you to update, edit or change, because that should be a factor into your decision when you hire a website design company from overseas.

    Not Doing Due Diligence

    You need to check some basic things, like checking reviews, Yelp. Google Reviews, and LinkedIn. See what people are saying about them, their services and all. You can check if anyone is saying wrong, and if so, then why. 

    The most important thing is – if you are getting the results, make sure you are happy with their work. As well as, check out their mobile responsiveness. Many people don’t check it on mobile, and it’s truly simple. You need to check their profile websites on your mobile phone.

    At the bottom of every website that a web design company builds, they typically have a signature. Ours says India NGO website design by Big Page, but it could say website by ABA Media or whatsoever.

    They don’t follow what they proclaim

    Just as you would not like an overweight trainer or ugly looking skinny chef, you should probably never rely on a web site design company with an ugly looking website or a search engine optimization specialist who does not rank well in the SERP. And by that we mean, whether somebody sells you the idea of spreading business globally or getting traffic through Google, or suggest PPC, but they use cold outreach then they are not following what they proclaimed.

    For instance, we rank No. 1 on Google for “NGO website design company India.”

    So, now you have come to know many important things and are probably thinking “Now I know how to avoid money wasting mistakes before I hire a website design company from India, and I need a best website design company to build my website.” So we would like to make you an offer that you cannot reject.

    Are you ready to hire a website designer to make your website?

    So, if you have understood the actual truth, then probably you are thinking “I now come to know how to avoid money wasting mistakes before I hire a website design company from India, and I need a best website design company to build my website, so we would like to make an offer that cannot be rejected.

    We will give you some live sample websites that we worked on, and also give you a custom mockup of your new website, before you sign in or pay for anything. The best thing is – there is nothing to sign and no credit card info is taken, so if it sounds authentic and you are interested, click the link below.


    7. Meet our SEO team

    Meet our team to understand who we are and who will be on your project.

    If you are looking for a great SEO company in India whether you are from India or abroad such as the UK, US, Canada, Australia, or other countries, we are here 24×7 for you. 


    Our team will do for you in the following


    WordPress web design


    CMS based website


    Portal Development


    Education & e-Learning Development


    Ecommerce web design


    Landing page optimisation


    Responsive Web Development


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