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SEO Competitor Analysis

SEO competitor analysis is the process of researching your direct search competitors to understand their target keywords, content strategy, backlink profile, and more for the purpose of reverse engineering the most successful elements of these tactics into your own SEO Strategy.


Why is competitor analysis essential?

Why is competitor analysis important?

Competitive analysis is like a roadmap showing you what steps to take in order to beat your competitors and boost your website’s ranking in search results naturally. It helps you understand how to outperform others in the search engine results pages (SERPS)

What are the benefits of competitor analysis?

Competitor analysis offers several advantages, including:

  • Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses: Understanding your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses helps you assess how your business measures up in the market.
  • Market Research: It provides insights into market trends, customer preferences, and emerging opportunities.
  • Improved Strategy: You can refine your business strategy by learning from your competitors’ successes and failures.
  • Benchmarking: Comparing your performance to competitors sets benchmarks for improvement and helps you measure your progress.
  • Innovation: By analysing your competitors, you can find gaps in the market that you can fill with innovative products or services.
  • Marketing Insights: You can learn from your competitors’ marketing tactics and adapt them to your own campaigns.
  • Customer Insights: Understanding your competitors’ customers can help you target and attract a similar audience.
  • Pricing Strategy: You can optimise your pricing strategy based on your competitors’ pricing models.
  • Adaptation: The business environment is dynamic, and competitor analysis helps you adapt to changes more effectively.
  • Enhanced Customer Service: Learning from your competitors’ customer service practices can help you improve your own customer support.

In summary, competitor analysis provides valuable insights that can inform your business decisions, help you stay competitive, and drive growth. It’s a vital tool for staying relevant in your industry and achieving long-term success.

What are the steps to running SEO competitor analysis

Once we’ve finished your Keyword Research and put together a list of key search terms, we can move on to SEO Competitor Analysis. We make use of paid and licensed tools to identify your primary competitors. For instance, SEMrush provides six key competitor analysis reports days.

1.Identifying main competitors:

  • Organic competitors report: This report gathers data from shared organic keyword rankings.
  • Advertising competitors report: It collects data from shared paid keyword rankings.
  • Backlinks competitors report: This report is based on shared backlinks data.
  • Position tracking competitors discovery: It draws data from a custom list of target keywords.
  • Market explorer: It uses data from common website categories and audience interests.

2.Select pages for comparison:

Once we pinpoint your competitors, the next stage involves comparing your website to theirs. To ensure a fair assessment, we choose pages from their website that closely resemble your own pages in terms of content and purpose.

3. Perform a keyword gap analysis:

Keyword Gap Analysis assists us in spotting keywords that are driving traffic to your competitors but are absent from your strategy. Integrating these keywords can help you tap into new traffic sources and acquire valuable leads. We can either incorporate these keywords into your existing pages or create fresh, tailored content to address them. Filling these content gaps is a powerful approach to expanding your business’s reach and surpassing your competitors in search rankings.

4. Analyse your competitors’ content:
High-quality content holds a prominent role in SEO, as Google rewards websites that offer relevant content matching users’ searches and following its quality guidelines. By evaluating your competitors’ content, we can enhance your own content. We conduct a thorough SEO Content Gap Analysis, examining the subjects covered by your competitors and identifying topics and content pieces lacking on your site. Competitor Analysis is a valuable approach to grow your business, outperform your rivals, and fortify your digital presence. Learn from your competitors’ strengths and capitalise on their weaknesses. Get in touch with us to commence your competitive analysis strategy today.

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You can find general FAQs; we provide more specific information based on your unique requirements.

How do you identify my main competitors for the analysis?

The primary goal of an SEO competitor analysis is to gain valuable insights into the strategies and tactics that your competitors are using to rank well in search engine results. This information helps you identify opportunities to improve your own SEO efforts and stay ahead in the online competition.

How do you identify my main competitors for the analysis?

We use a combination of industry knowledge, keyword research, and competitor analysis tools to identify your main online competitors. These are the websites that are actively competing for the same target audience and keywords in search engine rankings.

What specific elements of my competitors' SEO strategies will be analyzed?

We will analyze various aspects including keyword selection and usage, backlink profiles, content quality and relevance, on-page optimization techniques, user experience, and technical SEO elements. This comprehensive evaluation provides a complete picture of your competitors’ SEO efforts.

How will the insights from the analysis be presented to me?

The insights will be presented in a clear and actionable report, which may include visualizations, summaries, and recommendations. We’ll also provide a consultation to go over the findings and discuss how they can be applied to improve your own SEO strategy.

Can I request a custom analysis focused on a specific aspect of my competitors' SEO efforts?

Absolutely! We can customize the analysis to focus on specific aspects of your choice, such as backlink analysis, content strategy, or keyword targeting. Just let us know your preferences, and we’ll tailor the analysis accordingly.