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Mobile: 90

Desktop: 96


Why choose Bigpage for your WordPress hosting?



Page loading score 80+ both mobile & desktop

  • We can provide a site score of 90+ within one week
  • Fully managed WordPress server
  • Will provide highly secure web hosting and we will manage it for you.
  • Free maintenance + technical SEO You don’t need any server expert to manage the technical side and SEO. We will do it free for you

Will loose customers

  • If the website takes time to load, your customers will be annoying and leave your website
  • Loose keyword ranking in Google search If the website takes time to load, Google will remove your site from search results pages
  • Loose quality score If the website takes time to load, your site will loose quality score



 Individual Business

Uptime will be upto 99.94%


Unlimited WordPress Hosting cost

Multi-sites (recommended number of websites)  

90+ PageSpeed Score


Next-Generation Infrastructure


99.9% Uptime Guarantee

SSL certificate  
Customer supprt  


What We Do. Secure web hosting

10 years experience company

Our designers & web development experts create an engaging websites for both search engines and users.

No hidden cost

We don’t have any hidden and unwanted cost, we are 100% transparent, loyal and honest on our works and quality.

Quality guaranteed

We provide a high quality services whether you have a small or big project.

24x7 customer support

Don’t worry, we provide 24×7 technical support


You can get 12 months of free technical support
No , there is no additional or hidden cost
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