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How to Remove WhatsApp Spam: A Comprehensive Guide with Easy-to-Follow Tips 3


If you’re annoyed by receiving unnecessary messages on WhatsApp, you may not be the only one. WhatsApp is a main target for spammers who send unwanted and possibly harmful messages. Luckily there are many ways to get rid of spam from WhatsApp. In this detailed guide, we will discuss easy-to-follow tips on how to block spam senders, enable spam detection, report spam messages, use third-party apps, and be cautious with links. Let’s start 

Block Spam Senders 

Blocking spam senders is the primary and most productive step in removing possible spam from WhatsApp. To block spam, open the chat with the sender, tap on the name at the top, and select “Block” from the option and menu. This will block them from sending you any more messages, and their messages will also be automatically deleted from your chat history.

Report Spam Messages

If you receive a message that you believe to be spam, you can report it to WhatsApp. Reporting spam messages can help WhatsApp investigate the issue and take appropriate action. To report spam, long-press on the message, select “Report spam” from the menu and confirm.

Enable Spam Detection

WhatsApp has a built-in spam detection feature that can automatically detect and filter spam messages. To enable this feature, go to Settings > Account > Privacy and turn on the “Block contacts” option. WhatsApp will then automatically block any contacts that have been reported as spam by other users.

Use Third-Party Apps 

There are several third-party apps available that can help you remove spam from WhatsApp. These apps use machine learning algorithms to detect and filter spam messages, and can also block known spammers. Some popular options include Anti-Spam for WhatsApp, Siftr magic cleaner,  Google files go, Stash etc.

Be Cautious With Links 

Spammers repeatedly send links to phishing websites or malware-infected downloads. To prevent falling victim to these scams, never click on links from anonymous senders. If you receive a doubtful link, report it as spam and delete the message.


By following these easy-to-follow tips, you can remove WhatsApp spam and enjoy a hassle-free messaging experience. Remember to block spam senders, report spam messages, enable spam detection, use third-party apps, and be cautious with links. With a little effort, you can keep your WhatsApp inbox clean and free of spam.