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We took the time to understand your business inside and out and will help our client make informed decisions about how to grow.

Improve the user journey.

We used LSSProvider’s existing customer segmentation to identify the audience segments with the greatest growth potential. We then enhanced this segmentation with Sky’s data-led buying approach, which is based on purchase behaviors. This allowed us to reach existing customers and purchasers of competitor brands, based on their shopping habits rather than their viewing habits.

In other words, we used a combination of traditional customer segmentation and data-driven targeting to reach our target audience. This approach allowed us to reach a wider audience and to target our messaging more effectively.

Small Footprint. Big Impact.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Build trust, loyalty, and a positive perception of the brand
  • Communicated the values, mission, and personality of the entity it represents, setting it apart from competitors and creating a memorable and enduring impression on consumers.
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Improve branding

  • Built the process of creating a distinct and recognisable identity for a product, service, organisation, or individual.
  • Put strategically designing and shaping elements such as the name, logo, colours, tagline, and overall messaging to establish a unique and cohesive image in the target audience’s minds.
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Seamless digital integration

Integrate an e-commerce platform with inventory management systems, customer relationship management (CRM) software, and payment gateways to create a frictionless online shopping experience.

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Built an engaging website to generate leads

Created a clean and intuitive website design with easy navigation and ensured visitors could find information quickly and access key pages with minimal effort.

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“Bigpage is great digital and web design company to work with and they are very experienced to solve the problems. I ‘ll recommend all business to who wants to build website and SMO”

Amar Das

CEO, lssserviceprovider
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